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Excellent Hotel”
Added 09-05-2014 07:37:30
Excellent Hotel”
Anmeldt 3 dage siden NY
ARRIVAL - I was booked here for 4 nights from 24th April 2014. I arrived quite late, around 8pm, and although nobody was on reception, you pull the phone as indicated and someone comes to you. I checked in with no problems, was offered smoking or non smoking room. Then I went off to my room and I could park my car right outside the door - no luggage problems!

THE ROOM - was spacious, clean, smelt nice, had a couple of chairs, flat screen TV (although for English people you only get news channels). The bed was comfortable and the curtains kept out the morning sun. There was a separate room with toilet, sink and shower. There was always hot water which was good.

THE RESTAURANT - Served up until 21:00 and they have a set dinner each evening so there is not really a choice. It was meatballs on Thursday and Rump on Friday. Now when I ordered the food came within a few minutes which worried me, but, the food was really good. Washed down with some nice wine they served. The service was good informative and friendly.

THE BAR - There is a small bar where you can buy various beers and long & short drinks, however there is not always someone at the bar, so you have to go and find them in the restaurant! It can be a bit annoying but they are not busy enough to have a dedicated barman so don't let it put you off. In the bar there is a TV where we watched a football game, and a bit of top gear and some other stuff. For smokers there is a door right there where you go outside to smoke.

CHECKING OUT - I had to check out early as I had finished my work early, I thought this would upset them but not. The girl was so amazing friendly, she tried to get me information on Copenhagen (where I was going) and she then let me pay in Euro's (or £'s or $'s or Swedish Krones) and changed up some more money into Danish Kroner for me. Fantastic.

THE OVERALL SERVICE & LANGUAGE - Overall, the service was great in all areas, everyone was real friendly including the locals, and the eastern Europeans who were staying there. The languages spoken are Danish English and German, there were some Italians staying at the hotel who spoke neither of these which caused the waiter a bit of a dilemma

THE LOCATION - I was working in Fredericia so it was perfect for me, but it could be used as an ideal base to explore the whole of Denmark. Copenhagen took me 2.5 hours to drive to, and the North of Denmark looks about the same. Around the hotel is beautiful countryside, but, there is not much else in the vicinity, so you cant go out to a restaurant or bar without driving.

CONCLUSION - Yep, I recommend this hotel highly.

Added 07-03-2013 18:59:02
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Added 25-06-2012 08:20:20
Many thanks as a consequence of this valuable article. I undoubtedly appreciated

working with it and can definitely discuss this along with everyone.
Pia His Added on 22-10-2011 07:21:09
Added 17-05-2012 09:55:34
Thanks for a wonderful stay, it was a really good party we were at breakfast and buffet, the estimate was Lovely smiling, and friendly staff

Yours sincerely,
Our guests write on
Added 17-05-2012 09:54:33
Poul, Grenå Added 01-02-2012 13:06:12
"Cosy hotel that suited our temperament.dejligt quiet room with nice bed and nice big badeværelse.Friendly staff."

Travelling with friends
Added 17-05-2012 09:53:56
First November 2011
Clearly the staff, the mood was high, fun and fantastic
Anonymous Added on 01-02-2012 13:13:36
Added 17-05-2012 09:53:33
mature couple
21st August 2011 A big plus to the hotel for a very clean room, beds, bathroom, just .. a pleasure too with a nice breakfast.
Anonymous Added on 01-02-2012 13:14:17
Added 17-05-2012 09:52:49
mature couple
18th July 2011 There was a wonderful peace and quiet. It was not far into town. There were 2 to choose from, 4-6 km. There was not much traffic on the road.

Travelling with friends
Added 17-05-2012 09:47:17
Reviewed by a guest Added 07-02-2012 08:41:27
"Hotel Medio - the American Dream" The hotel was very similar to what one sees in the movies - American motel, it was super good and cheap hotel. Good service. Highly recommended
Anonymous Added on 01-02-2012 13:23:23
25th May 2011 Morgenbuffet'en was fantastic!
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