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Fredericia Hotel Medio

Hotel Medio​ is​ located​ at the old​ Little Belt Bridge ​in​ Kolding​highway ​6 ​just 1.5 ​km from the​ motorway.

Hotel Medio​is a family driven ​hotel,​ situated ​near the sea ​in​Snoghøj.

At​ Hotel Medio​ there are good ​opportunities for ​swimming, fishing​ or​ sailing.​ We have​ a ​playground with​ swings and a​trampoline,​ a ​cozy ​bar ​with ​pool table ​and a restaurant​ with​Today's​ dinner.

It is possible ​to use the ​kitchenette, ​if you want​ a summer​barbecue ​or ​a​ picnic​ lubricants,​ etc..

We have​ good parking,​ for passenger cars that can​ be parked ​in front of the room, and ​space for ​buses ​and trucks.

​The highway is only 1,5 km away

​There are new free wireless in every room that works. 

These are just some of the features we want to mention.

​Hotel Medio Lilttle Belt has 55 rooms with 120 beds.​

All rooms are standard with cable TV on a new 32" flatscreen, and bathroom.

There is also wheelchair accessible rooms and equipment to be purchased upon request.


There are standard rooms, apartments with own kitchenette and family room with 2 bedrooms.

All rooms are newly renovated here at Fredericia Hotel Medio.

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Hotel Medio

Kolding Landevej 6

7000 Fredericia

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