Hotel Medio​ - Kolding Landevej 6 - 7000 Fredericia​



Today's​ dinner 13 Euro - every day between​ 18.30 to 21.00, weekends ask in reception

Lunch ​1,5 Euro pr. piece.

Lunch ​must be​ ordered before​ 18.00 at the reception

See the Menu here:


6 - 9 every day
7 - 10 in weekends

Dear Guest:

Covid19 Precautions:

Thank you very much for choosing to stay with us at Hotel Medio.

We are doing our best trying to follow the new rules from the Government:

We therefore only have the option of offering breakfast, packed lunchboxes and dinner

like TAKE AWAY. Ask for the meals at check-in and it will be delivered at the reception or in your room,

by appointment.

All our rooms are not rebooked until 48 hours after cleaning from check out, to avoid the risk of infection

and give you as a guest extra security during your stay.

All our rooms have their own entrance and we can put a key in your room door if you want

to avoid any contact.

We have desinfections and are continuously cleaning extra 😊

Remember we also have hotel apartments that provide more dining options.

The reception is open from 06:00 to 23:00,

or if needed, call 61681855.

Thank you for your understanding.


Today's dinner 92 dkk - every day between 18.30 to 21.00.

Lunch 11 dkk per piece.

There must be ordered before 18.00 in the reception

Buffet breakfast:

Everyday between 6.00 - 9.00.

Weekend between 7.00-10.00

Or by arrangement​

It is possible to buy a welcome basket, with some fruit, drinks and a little something. Please call in advance. 

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Hotel Medio

Kolding Landevej 6

7000 Fredericia

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