Hotel Medio​ - Kolding Landevej 6 - 7000 Fredericia​

Prices at hotel Medio

All​ rooms ​have bath​ / TV.

There are some smoking​ ​rooms

​- Single room:​                                               610 DKK
- Double room:​                                            760 DKK
-​ 4 person family ​rooms ​with 2​ rooms: ​1080 DKK

Extra bed: 160 DKK

Dogs/pets: DKK extra fee for cleaning​

There is free ​wireless internet​ in all rooms. And free parking outside your room.

​Children under 4 sleeps for free.
All prices ​are incl.​ breakfast.

Please call us if you have more questions 0045 75942238​ 

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Hotel Medio

Kolding Landevej 6

7000 Fredericia

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