Hotel Medio​ - Kolding Landevej 6 - 7000 Fredericia​


Hotel Medio ​owned and operated by​ Jacob​ Green ​Pedersen, who ​has ​driven ​the 3​ sister ​hotels:

Postgaarden ​Hotel,​ Hotel Medio​ and Hejse Kro.

Jacob ​bought​H otel Postgaarden​ for​ approx.​18 years ago​ in 1994​ and ​bought​ since ​Hejse Kro​and​ Hotel Medio a few​years later.​ This year, he is almost 40 years ​old and has been​ hotel manager​ throughout ​his adult life.

H e​would like to thank ​everyone for a ​great partnership​over the years ​and ​wish you, welcome at​ Hotel Medio.

​Hotel Medio ​is​ much ​like a​ Motel,​ where there is easy​ check​in and ​parking in front of​ room ​door.​ Hotel Medio can​ also​be compared to a​ Bed and Breakfast​ and ​Hostel,​ when Jacob​ has​ cheap rates ​and​ everything ​is ​easy and affordable.

Hotel Medio​ is located in ​Kolding​ Road​ 6, ​and​ was built ​in 1948, ​additions ​in 1987 ​and ​ordered​ superstructures 2009

*** 3​Stars​hotel​in the middle​of Denmark

​Easy​in -​park​outside​your room

​The​highway​is​only​1.5 km​away

Online booking

At Hotel Medio you can both book by telephone or/and online. If you wish to book online, please click on the button below or on the menu called Booking

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Hotel Medio

Kolding Landevej 6

7000 Fredericia

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