Good location at old Little Belt Bridge

Hotel and motel with unique facilities

Hotel accommodation for all needs

​Are you looking for the perfect surroundings and accommodation options for a pleasant trip? Then you have come to the right place. Hotel Medio is a family-run motel and hotel, located close to the sea in Snoghøj in Fredericia.

Unique hotel stay for every occasion

You can easily and quickly reach the hotel from both Kolding, Middelfart, Vejle, and the surrounding towns and areas. At Hotel Medio, we have 55 rooms available. We offer a unique stay at our hotel and motel for any occasion.

Whether you're on a business trip, weekend getaway, or family trip, you have found the perfect place.

We have both standard hotel rooms, holiday apartments, family rooms, and more. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, bathrooms, and free wireless internet. And those are just some of the many facilities we can offer!

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Kæmpe anbefa​ling herfra !!!

"Jeg var i dag til et familie arrangement med frokost og kage i hotellets restaurant. Maden var vildt lækker, hjemmebagte boller og alt der hørte til. Personalet var yderst venlige, imødekommende og havde blik for hvis der manglede noget..."

Anna Birkeland

Dette er et rigtig godt sted

"Dette er er rigtigt godt sted! Var samlet til mindehøjtidelighed. Venligt og kompetent personale og formidabel beværtning. Var kort og godt med til at gøre det til en god mindehøjtidelighed!"


Jeg har spist på Hotel Medio mange gange

"Jeg mener bestemt det er alle pengene værd.

God mad til en god pris - frisk og kompetent personale. god anbefaling herfra og jeg kommer igen..."

Peter Kristensen

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Newly renovated and beautiful rooms

​Motel and hotel in scenic surroundings

At Hotel Medio Fredericia by Lillebælt, there are great opportunities for swimming, fishing, and sailing. As soon as you step out of the hotel, you'll find yourself in the scenic experiences that you can enjoy and explore.

Additionally, we have a playground with swings and a trampoline, a cozy bar, and a restaurant that prepares delicious meals of the day. Our holiday apartments are equipped with their own kitchenette, allowing you to prepare smaller meals or make yourself a cup of coffee

We run a handicap-friendly place

Our hotel is very accessible for people with disabilities, and there are good conditions for getting around, for example, with an oxygen mask. We have previously welcomed visits from the kidney association, and we are accustomed to providing special accommodations for our guests. It's also not a problem to cater to individuals with diabetes, senior citizens, gluten allergies, or any other dietary considerations at the hotel. Please request assistance devices or other accommodations when making your room reservation.

Beautiful natural surroundings

Hotel Medio is located near Lillebælt, where there are good opportunities for swimming, fishing or sailing.

Disabled-friendly hotel

We make sure that our hotel rooms are easy to get around for people with special needs.

Space for the children

There is good entertainment for the little ones, as we have a playground with swings and a trampoline.


Hotel Medio

Kolding Landevej 6, 7000 Fredericia

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0045 7594 2238